according traditional way with new innovating technics of paints for an everlasting, exclusive output.

Textile, paper, stickers, wood,...

Other materials go through test-proces first!

We calculate:

each design/color start-up (one-time-cost)

starts at €30.

+ Product- & printcosts / piece

+ tax and shippingcosts

(depending location)

In 1 order, it's possible to combine different products and print in several colors.

(color-exchange €10)

When size or design itself changes, new start-up costs will be charged.

Our min. quantity print amount starts at 25p.

- exceptions allowed-

Product sourcing

Together we will look for the article that fits best in your concept.

Custom-made or already existing products,

straight from manufacturer.

Service packages

for some we work with our partners

Design - service (inhouse)

Woven labeling


For questions & quotes, do not hestitate to call or mail us!